It is farewell time. My very last weeks in Bernese Oberland are nearing and I say goodbye to all those lovely people I got to know here. And I say goodbye to Niesen.  Niesen is “my” mountain, I see it from my office window, I see it all the way from home to work, I see it from the other side of Thunersee and I see it from  home.

I have hiked up there numerous times. I love this mountain, with it’s 2362 meters or all those 1669 hight meters one hikes up from Mülenen. Every time I have been up there, I have been happy.

I tried to collect some photos of Niesen and it was just too difficult, I could post hundreds of them and they are my all my favorites so here just a random selection. I love Niesen.IMG_3986 IMG_3981

IMG_3794 IMG_3727

I even once tried to bake a “Niesen”-Cake. I know it does not really look similar but at least it was eatable.IMG_3614 IMG_3487 IMG_3152

the view from NiesenIMG_3053 IMG_2397 IMG_2382 IMG_2306 IMG_2156 IMG_2145 IMG_2133 IMG_1900 IMG_1863 IMG_1837 IMG_1832 IMG_1826 IMG_0971 IMG_0963 IMG_0891 IMG_0110 IMG_0221 IMG_0264 IMG_0350 IMG_0356 IMG_0455 IMG_0458 IMG_0513 IMG_0572 IMG_0590 IMG_0594I will miss Niesen and you all

Chars Salüds


Groningen, Holland

Easter is always family time for us. We headed to Groningen, where we all got together and had just grand timeP1000725 P1000732 P1000738 P1000742 P1000743 P1000753 P1000754

FlowermarketP1000772 P1000774

I ride my bicycle…


like the part of the children
P1000779 P1000812 P1000822 P1000824 P1000828

Enjoying life!P1000836 P1000837 P1000850

Dinner at Kaap HornP1000870 P1000878Back to Switzerland

Love Päppä, who’s average speed on german Autobahn  is 160 km/h

Springtime Part 2


The first flowerbouquet this spring


and the spring cow market



at home we have made some room for the new house owners. They go to the alp soon and wanted to bring their belongings beforehand


they brought their stuff this weekP1000722and this is the mess where we live in at the moment

IMG_0654IMG_0651IMG_0672IMG_0702IMG_0712IMG_0635The new owners of our house are good friends of ours. They got married couple of years  ago at the same alp where they work every summer looking after the cows and making cheese.  All the decoration at the wedding was found from the nature. It was one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever seen.

I wish you happy Easter

Chars Salüds




Sunrise this morning over Interlaken from our kitchen windowP1000685 P1000687 P1000690Daniel is moving more staff from Bernese Oberland to Engadin. Never move like us; taking it slowly, bit by bit, lasting weeks and weeks! At the moment we have our stuff half here, half there – we are living  in a limbo.

P1000691 P1000695Craft News: I think I need a plan… I just started to make squares of different sizes  without thinking how many  I need of which size so that I’d have  straight sides.  So as a next step I will do some calculating. I will let you know if it will add up!

Sunny Greetings from Aeschi


Ready to go again
P1000621Always first things first. We arrived early evening in Ardez and enjoyed the local beerP1000630

Where do I start? Where is my wool?P1000635 Morning walk in the new surroundingsP1000643 ArdezP1000649 P1000656 We have a ski lift!P1000661I just had to start decorating…in the dining room

P1000669 P1000642 P1000678

Trying to figure out what is going on? P1000671

A revair Päppä