There is nothing like finnish summer; the birch trees, light nights, all those lakes and of course  family and friends! We had such a good week in Finland.

Suolahti, my hometown


The following pictures are from a highway restaurant stop around midnight


and then Olivia had a birthday party


Olivia, 6 years


Anastasia, Olivia, Katja, Kaija, Valtteri, Aila, Piia, Elma and Elvi


three generations Karvinen women (very serious matter as you see)


a real beauty, Elli


Taina and Anastasia making Karjalanpiirakka



and they were good, those Piirakka!

Val Roseg

Today we hiked to Val Roseg.  It was a beautiful, sunny day and surprise surprise there was rather a lot of snow in the forest.  Anton and Oskar just loved the snow patches, they rolled around and rubbed themselves in the snow, enjoying the outing.



The brown spots are mountain goats. We saw loads of them!




I just love the larch tree and its’ green color at the moment

Tomorrow I’ll fly to Finland and meet our daughter Anastasia, my parents and some friends. I am so excited and really looking forward to be in Finland again, eat liquorice ice cream and karjalanpiirakka!

Take care

Chars Salüds


Doing crafts again

It has snowed for two days now so it gave us an excellent opportunity to stay inside and put the last furniture to it’s place and start to live our normal lives again which means knitting and crocheting  for me (since I am not to start my new job quite yet).P1010135P1010139

Even my working place starts to look like one again and I found all my needles and hooks in the boxes!

Before we moved, I went to my favorite wool shop in Thun to say goodbye and on that trip I discovered Rowan’s recycled yarn “purelife” (recycled makes me feel extremely green, nature-friendly and good about myself).  I didn’t have a clue what to make out of this yarn but that has never stopped me buying yarn before and didn’t stop me now either. So I bought these colorsP1000898

and this jacket is the result.P1010072

Here some  work in progress:

Tunisian crochet which should become a cushion cover. A never ending story… it takes sooo long to make progress…P1010151

Pieces for Anastasia’s blanketP1010155P1010156

not the best Photo but it should be a beginning of a scarf for Christine. We said I should finish it before it’s getting cold again. (thinking about next fall!) I wonder if it is snowing in Bernese Oberland too…I hope you are warm enough Christine!P1010153

I can not get enough of this color at the moment! Only the sleeves are missing and I could have a cotton  summer pullover.


then there is this one. This should one day be a jacket. I think I have beautiful colors but somehow it is not working. I am not amused and I don’t know what to do about it. Any ideas anybody?

It echoes in our dining room. We tried to fill it with thick carpets, furniture, pictures etc but until now we haven’t found a solution. Now my idea is  to make long, long bunting to hang from wall to wall, perhaps that will help! (I hope we are not moving again before the bunting will be finished)P1010080P1010147I am happy to have vacation until the beginning of June, there is so much to do…

Chars Salüds


First impressions


After the first walks around Ardez I realized how wild the nature here is. We live in the village but a couple of meters behind our house begins the wilderness. Well they just saw a bear in Zernez the day before yesterday! The nature is everywhere and it is beautiful.


There seem to be enough hiking possibilities around us. 🙂 First we have to wait that the snow melts but after that there is no holding us back!P1000994Coffee brake in the front of our home.

I am sure we all will be happy here.

Chars Salüds