Snow in June

Bun di,

this morning everything is so gray. It has snowed  during the night and it is freezing cold outside. Cold and gray.
P1020120P1020121P1020122P1020123At midday it started to clear out a bit


in the afternoon it is rather clearP1020139P1020133

and one can see the first rays of sun! (does this mean Switzerland is going to win?)P1020131

I made wrist warmers in case  it snows again tomorrow !P1020144ciao


all sorts


I was finally able to finish some knitting and crocheting. I had a pattern for a fair isle cardigan from Rowan magazine and I started this project ages ago! Thanks to that poor, poor performance of swiss football team, I preferred to knitting  to watching football and finished the cardigan. This time I don’t post a picture where you could see the sleeves, catastrophe! Somehow I just don’t get them right…P1010705 P1010699Often I knit outside and there is most of the time a fine breeze and since the cardigan is not really useable before I mend the sleeves (I wonder in which century that will be) so I decided to make myself a poncho. I am a big fan of wearing a poncho, it is practical and warm and I think it looks smashing!P1010707P1010712P1010713Public viewing in Chasa Puntota. P1010931On Saturday we had a mid-summer trip to Livigno in Italy. We drove over Bernina Pass and needless to say, we all enjoyed itP1010991Anton and Oskar in the snow and water..P1010981P1020001P1020011Daniel and me in Pizzeria!P1020027P1020030Val LivignoP1020033and we took a first peek in our new house at the floors. I was extremely curious to know what  might pop out when I lift the 70’s wonder a bit P1010922and voilà, beautiful old wooden floor!!! What can a girl wish more?P1010918We had a busy and a good week, I hope you too.

Have a nice summer!

Love Päppä

Muottas Muragl

Last Sunday we walked up to Muottas Muragl. It is a very touristic place during the high season, but it is not so bad yet. We left very early in the morning and it was worth while getting up in the wee hours!P1010714P1010716P1010724P1010733P1010742P1010771P1010769

Anton and Oskar just loved the snow again. As always, they rolled around in the snow, with a result of rather red faces because of Sahara sand.


The View from the top is just magnificent



You see Lake St Moritz with St Moritz in the front,  Silvaplanasee and Silsersee on the back

P1010777Piz Bernina and Piz Palü

P1010881P1010877P1010866P1010852P1010863P1010858P1010868P1010870P1010846On Friday we bought our own Engiadin-style  house in Sent. It is an old house and we need to renovate everything as you see, so we will be busy the next months… Next day  I paid my first visit to do it yourself shop in Samedan, won’t be the last one…

Busy, happy times here, I hope you all are well and enjoying the summer and football!

Chars Salüds Päppä


Lost in translation – and a bit in everything else



This week we started our new work in Scuol. We knew of course there is this fourth official language rhaeto-romance in Switzerland but thought hardly anybody speaks it nowadays. Well, there are about 30’000 people speaking one kind of rhaeto-romance in Switzerland but there is not ONE rhaeto-romance language there are many. The most usual ones are sursilvan, sutsilvan, surmivan, puter, vallader and jauer.  In Engiadina Bassa we speak vallader or better said they do.  Around 5000 people speak vallader in this world and almost everybody at work seems to belong to this 5000 club.

You can guess some signs and words . For example when you walk in to our working place there is this board in the entrance hall, easy,  it must say welcome! But if you red Bainvgnü somewhere in a text, it would be more difficult.


We had to do some more guessing in the first days, here some examples:



Yes, our days are spent guessing.  All the files in the computer, minutes for the meetings, protocols, menus etc are of course in rhaeto-romance. I even received my voting documents from our village in rhaeto-romance. (but of course, it is the used , official language of 80 % of the population in our village)

It was a hard and weary week but when I look outside and see the  the green and the mountains I feel the energy and the beauty of the nature and I feel a little bit stronger again.


bella fin d’eivna, stas bain e chars salüds