tearing down the old walls

During the last week we started cleaning out the house in Sent.

Especially on the north side – there were two ugly renovated rooms on top of each other

after we removed several layers of insulation from the 90’s and the 70’s, we found the old beams. The technic is called ‘strickbau’ in german, a log construction. Look at that insulation. This seems to be the oldest part of the house…

there was this second kitchen on the upper floor

and the kitchen on the ground floor. This will be the kitchen again after the renovation

Chamonna Clèr

Our village has a ski club and this ski club has its own ski hut,  Chamonna Clèr in 2476 meters. This was our goal to hike to on this perfect summer day. Anton and I left early in the morning when the air is fresh and everything is quiet and peaceful.

P1020380P1020381 P1020385 P1020388 P1020401P1020402 P1020404 P1020418 P1020423 P1020443 P1020444

All the way up I was pondering work problems. I tried to find solutions, how to organize everything and I just couldn’t  get my thoughts sorted out until I sat down at the hut. I sat down, looked around the absolutely fantastic scenery and the solution presented itself in my head!  It was magical, suddenly I just saw it clear in front of my eyes. No, I am not becoming esoteric, no, no. But somehow the mountains help me think sharp, they give me another perspective.

So the walk back home was like having a party in my head. I enjoyed everything around me and although walking down is hard work for the knees, I felt light and merry.

P1020445 P1020446 P1020449 P1020451 P1020457 P1020461 P1020462 P1020472 P1020479 P1020486 P1020491 P1020493 P1020495 P1020494 P1020503P1020344


and again  back at home it was a drink and a bath for Anton and a big huge  ice-cream for me!

Happy Vacation everybody!

Chars salüds


Büvetta Tarasp

There are around 20 springs in Scuol and Tarasp along the Inn river.  The area was known since roman times for the high mineral content in the water. These are not hot springs, but they are acidic and are therefore used for drinking cures and mineral baths. In the 16. century Paracelsus made the region known all over Europe and from the late 19. century on a more luxurious tourism started. After Word War II drinking cures became less important, and today it’s more a normal holday area.

There are still some of the old hotels and relics standing around, like the Scuol Palace and the Büvetta Tarasp. For the latter an association was build and they try to save and renovate it. More here…


Chamonna Tuoi and Lai Blau

Anton accompanied me on a hike to Chamonna Tuoi, a mountain hut from swiss alpine club and to lake Blau. We hit off from Guarda on a beautiful sunny summer day. P1020165on the right hand side you can see a cheesary and on the back the famous Piz Buin. Yes, like the sun lotion , it is named after this peak.
P1020183P1020192P1020199Since it was a nice warm day we both were happy to refresh ourselves in some clear mountain waterP1020202P1020205Chamonna Tuoi P1020218Piz BuinP1020221P1020222Lai BlauP1020225P1020227P1020231P1020234Piz Buin from another perspective. For awhile the weather up at the lake was bit windy and cloudy but it changed to better as we hiked down.P1020223and all those flowers! They really make me happyP1020184P1020236P1020237P1020241P1020247P1020255P1020258well deserved bath for Anton and  an ice-cream for meP1020250I hope you had a happy weekend too!

Chars salüds