Projects -finished ones and ones still going on


I am still very inspired of my knitting vacation and I am trying out all sorts of technics and patterns.

I re-organized my room P1000914and I have even finished couple of projects. The first one , a cardigan is in Båhus-style, the second jumper is about the second garment I ever got right. It fits, not like  most of my work, too big, too short or too tight…

The wrist warmers are very much inspired of Fair Isle.

P1000176 P1000907


Jeannine, as you see, I have started your sweater!P1000947

I even dared to try an aran pattern. I am getting real fearless!P1000950

Dear Anastasia, I have not forgotten you and your blanket…P1000951

We learned to dye wool and this is what I dyed. I now knit a shawl with it and struggle to learn the edge part. I think it is pretty cool, a shawl of a wool I have dyed myself!P1000954

At the moment I can stop making these wrist warmers… P1000958So, what are you making?

Chars Salüds



Shetland Islands

Dear Friends,

I was lucky to have vacation in Burrastow house during the Shetland Wool Week with ten knitting interested women from USA, Canada, England and Holland. Gudrun Johnston and Mary-Jane Mucklestone (both sooo unbeleavable great designers)  organized the week with ever so varying program. Here a small collection of the week:P1000252P1000236P1000214 P1000256 P1000262 Hazel Tindall, a master of Fair Isle Knitting showed us her work!P1000294 GudrunP1000307 P1000333 P1000335 P1000340 P1000389 P1000392 P1000394 P1000421 P1000425 Burrastow House in the eveningP1000470 P1000479 P1000487 P1000522 We learned to dye yarn!P1000529 P1000531 P1000534 The woolman, Oliver from Jamieson and SmithP1000631 P1000635 P1000667 P1000670 Tour in the Jamieson’s Wool Mill P1000681 P1000689 I started to find color combinations for a sweater everywhereP1000691 P1000697 P1000706 P1000717 My new friends, Brenda, Marianne and Holly 🙂P1000727 P1000738 P1000741 P1000748 P1000758 P1000762 P1000768 P1000775 P1000794 Did you ever see the movie Waking Ned? P1000804 P1000827 Driving back homeP1000843I say thank you for all those great women and Pierre (our fantastic cook) who made my vacation unforgettable.