Christmas wreath

Buna Saira,

First advent and I am only starting to make decorations! Quick, quick I gathered my stash of wool, picked the greens and reds and here we go:
P1030808 P1030814 P1030822 P1030826 P1030836 Lucky me, I had this book of how to crochet flowers and they even had the christmas star in itP1030860 P1030862P1030827P1030838P1030856P1030858Have a nice advents time

Chars Salüds


November colors


There is something special with the last days of leach trees still having their orange needles. Lots of the nature is turning to gray, brown or black but there are these orange spots in the woods.P1030533P1030534P1030499P1030493P1030504P1030526P1030464P1030192P1030183P1030185I tried to capture the november colors in my new wrist warmers. They are made of Rowan fine tweed in seed stitch (easy, very easy).P1030556P1030543P1030571



Enjoy the last november days,

chars salüds



Big Derby, Big Game


On Saturday evening was the big ice-hockey derby SCUOL vs. ST. MORITZ.We were all there  ( also some seniors from our senior care center D’mura attempts Chasa Puntota ) but it did not help,   St Moritz won. But it was a good derby and we had good time all together.

P1030584P1030583P1030586P1030590P1030595 Next day we drove over Flüelapass to Davos and saw HC Davos against ZSC Lions, a National Hockey League game. We lost again but we saw really good hockey and we will win next time! 🙂P1030654P1030655P1030656P1030661P1030663P1030668P1030675P1030680


I hope you win too!

Sta bain



Hello dears,

It is couple of years since last time we were in London. I had the feeling they had built completely new parts of the city and definitely were still building. We had a family gathering there and discovered lots of new and old together.P1030230 P1030232 P1030239 P1030241 P1030244 P1030246 P1030256 P1030263 P1030269 P1030271 Ready for a new adventure, which was the London Eye. I was ever so fascinated about it and the engineering of it!P1030276 P1030291 P1030298 P1030313 P1030319 P1030320 P1030340 P1030352 P1030358 P1030363 P1030371 P1030376 P1030380 P1030397…and I have to show you some photos of our strange dark hotel. The hallways were dark dark dark, we did not quite get it…P1030408 P1030433 P1030442Thanks Liam, Anastasia, Kasper, Henri and Daniel for a grand weekend!