Bellas festas

Bellas Festas!

Christmas is here and our village is decoratedP1040064P1030995P1030987P1040038


This scissor-cut picture is projected on a outside wall of a building. I think it is amazing!P1040050

The school kids created the Christmas story at their classroom windows P1030963P1030965


and some Christmas decoration from inside P1040176P1040174P1040162Bellas Festas da Nadal ed ün bun on nouv!

Oskar, Anton, Daniel and Päppä

Winter Knits


The evenings are dark and cold now, perfect to stay inside and to do some crafts.

I had dyed the yarn for this shawl in Shetland and I finally finished the shawl, It is the first one I ever made and I have to say it was fun to doP1030456

So I knitted one moreP1030773P1030776

A cardigan for Beatrice is finished as well and she told me it fits!

Something fluffy and easy for winter.


This is the best part: I have a new helper, Daniel is extremely supportive in my knitting habit and he has ordered me all sorts of gadgets for winding the wool and I think he is enjoying it as well with best results, as you can see


so I am planning as a thank you, a Fair Isle jumper for Daniel. Perhaps in these natural colors, what do you think?


Happy crafting to you too!

Chars salüds