home and away part 2


A quick visit to the finnish winter, a dark winter as it is in January. The daylight was just a short period of the day but the winter days were even in -20°C beautiful.


during the breakfast we could watch the nature documentary live outside the kitchen window


I loved the Jyväskylä airport’s crafts


and indeed, the sun showed itself


back in Switzerland it is all about sunny winter days



and my latest wreath – a winter wreath

P1040404P1040405have a nice week

chars salüds


Home and away


The weather at home is not exactly lifting the spirits

P1040383 P1040375but we thought to seek our luck just on the other side of the border…

in Innsbruck and voilà sunny warm day!


Saw lots of sites, here for example the house where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart lived inP1040327 P1040328

and the Golden DachlP1040329 P1040330 P1040331 P1040332 P1040336 P1040338

ah, the austrians…P1040346 P1040347 P1040351 P1040352 P1040355 P1040358 P1040359 P1040366It was  a nice day-trip enjoying  +20 °C weather in January!

Chars salüds


Sils Maria

Bun On!

I wish you all the sunshine and happiness for this year! We started the year being awake which suprised even our children since some of them called around ten in the evening in case we’ll go to bed…

Next day it was cross-country skiing in Sils Maria. As you see we don’t have that much snow but I was able to do some rounds, Anton and Oskar run around happily and we all just enjoyed the beautiful day. P1040225 P1040227 P1040233 P1040234 P1040235 P1040236 P1040237 P1040240 P1040243 P1040245Have a grand start for the week and the year!

chars salüds