Fair Isle knitting


I love color and I love to knit color work. Fair Isle knitting is just it, color work knitting. Last October I was able to go to Shetland and learned some more about Fair Isle knitting. So since then I have been knitting Daniel a sweater with Jamieson and Smith’s natural colors, not dyed, just straight from the sheep, so to say.


the real knitter’s tell, the back side of your knitting should look good as well, so here we go, not bad, ha


and then it was ready!


we had to go outside and test the warmth of it too, Daniel did not freeze 🙂P1040739P1040738chars salüds from one happy knitter


Winter sports


We have had many picture perfect winter days this winter.  In our valley, Engadin, you can do all winter sports you ever desire to do.  We have been enjoying the possibilities every weekend and as always the pictures’ll tell you more


all the winter hiking trails are marked with pink signs


Village Ftan


The brush is of course to clean the bench in case there is any snow on itP1040591

or perhaps you want to sit down in one of the many mountain restaurants. My favorite is Prui, at walking distance from home




Back in our  home village there is a small ski slope for kids P1040760

On the right the house where we liveP104076292dd989b1c59f0b7a7dba1f5d0baf544yes!

chars salüds

from winter wonderland






There has been many cold winter evenings spent wisely with knitting 🙂P1040390 P1040391 P1040392

very long time I just looked at this pattern and thought it is far too difficult to knit until I decided to have a go. And it was not difficult at all, it only looks bit complicated but was actually easy and fun to knit.



before I left to Finland I felt like knitting something really nordic. What is more nordic than reindeers? Although Daniel pointed out that some of my reindeers look more like hippopotamus…

P1040647 P1040648

then I wanted to make a cardigan I saw in Internet but obviously  I picked wrong kind of yarn. It just fell apart and was twice the size I had wanted it to be. I was rather disappointed until my friend Taina asked me:” what is more important for you, to choose the colors, feel the wool and  be excited about a new project or the end result?”

I felt good again immediately!

P1040656P1040654P1040653At the moment I have seven other projects going on and I am having lots of fun

hope you too !

chars salüds