It’s all about Ella Jill


My lovely daughter Natasha became a mama, and I am Nonna now!! I am over the moon , happy and just happy again, and again

Lovely Ella Jill

P1070696 P1070703 P1070708 P1070726 P1070710

Auntie Anastasia with Ella


Don’t you agree, she is the most beautiful little baby (poppa as we say here in vallader) in the world!


back to Switzerland, where we had quite a lot of snow during the last  two days.
P1070758I so miss Ella

chars salüds


New Home


the  restoration and renovation of our new home took over an year. We waited and waited and I have to admit I am extremely happy the waiting time is over.

My anticipation of a new home was high and I am not disappointed.

But the big surprise was to discover my new way to work and back. I kind of never gave it a thought, it was always about the house. Until I walked home for the first time. See the pictures and I am sure you understand what I meanP1060957 IMG_0753 P1060960 P1070046 P1060962 P1070022 P1060968 P1060971 P1060969 P1060978P1070614P1070652P1070654

and the walk home after the first snow on the mountain tops

P1070613P1070609I just love it!

I drive to work every morning and Daniel walks down to Scuol with Anton and Oskar. After day’s work we swap, he drives home and I walk with the dogs. I think this is the happiest part of all moving and having a new home, the walk home in this beautiful scenery.

I wish you a nice week

chars salüds