Off my needles


Yes, I have been knitting and once again loving to choose colors. For this shawl I had some nice fall colors in my stash and I could even finish the shawl for the  colorful fall season. The pattern is from one of my favorite knit designers Hélène Magnusson.
P1080479 P1080494 P1080767 P1080769

This is a very special shawl for me because Marianne spun the yarn and I love the colors and the feel of the yarn. Thank you Marianne.IMG_0032

of course I have knitted garments for Ella.  Here a crochet-dress

P1080339 P1080345

And the  rest of it is more or less all blues…

P1080736 P1080734 P1080743P1080731

P1080748 P1080751 P1080755

Inspired by Shetland

IMG_0818 IMG_0823IMG_0025

Before I hit the ski slopes I have time to knit some more, at the moment on my needles a fisherman’s sweater for Daniel

Stay warm

chars salüds


Fall colors


This time of the year is spent outside. We have had the most beautiful colorful season, lovely hikes with our visitors and walks with Anton and Oskar.P1080284 P1080297 P1080294 P1080384 P1080387 P1080519 P1080511 P1080601 P1080623 P1080391 P1080604 P1080669 P1080662

It also has snowed, the mountain tops are white and the lark trees are slowly loosing their needles, time to light the candles


Colorful days to you all