Allegra was the last ( and the only word he was able to say) word Bruno said to me as I visited him in the hospital after his Stroke.

Bruno is, was my father-in-law, who died a week before Christmas.  he was a kind man always in a good mood and he was the most keen person to read my blog. Every time I had written something I got a mail next day with his comments and thanks to keep him posted  of what is going on here in the mountains.

We all really miss him so much.IMG_0299

We spent the Christmas together and there was not a day we did not think about or talked about Bruno. It did us all good.IMG_0226IMG_0224IMG_0211

I wish you all Bun On – happy New Year, you too Bruno, where ever you watch us. IMG_0280Chars salüds


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  1. Death is all a part of life, right, but when it hits close to your heart it gives us pause. So happy for you that family could be together to celebrate Bruno and to bid him farewell in this life. I am sure he will always be in your hearts and watching over his family. My thoughts are with you Påivi! Hugs.

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