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After knitting lots of colour work lately I thought that it is time for some basics. Since I love blue, of course I ended up knitting two blue sweaters.P1090030

The darker blue is made with Jade Sapphire’s yarn called Sylph, a mixture of cashmere and linen. I was curious about the yarn and I think it is the softest sweater I have ever made and weighs only 167 grams!IMG_0427 IMG_0428

The light blue one is made with Lang Silkmerino, also soft and does  definately not itch. I did not have any pattern for both of the sweaters but with some calculations they turned out pretty well.IMG_0434 IMG_0435This is my favorite outfit at the moment

IMG_0440 P1090028

Trying to get out of my comfort zone  I knitted with green too. The cardigan is a pattern from Carrie Bostick Hoge called Barn sweater and I love to wear it. I knitted it with Brooklyn Tweed’s Loft

IMG_0421 IMG_0422 IMG_0424 IMG_0426 IMG_0375

But it is back to blue…IMG_0443 P1090026

Have a nice week

chars salüds


Off my needles


Yes, I have been knitting and once again loving to choose colors. For this shawl I had some nice fall colors in my stash and I could even finish the shawl for the  colorful fall season. The pattern is from one of my favorite knit designers Hélène Magnusson.
P1080479 P1080494 P1080767 P1080769

This is a very special shawl for me because Marianne spun the yarn and I love the colors and the feel of the yarn. Thank you Marianne.IMG_0032

of course I have knitted garments for Ella.  Here a crochet-dress

P1080339 P1080345

And the  rest of it is more or less all blues…

P1080736 P1080734 P1080743P1080731

P1080748 P1080751 P1080755

Inspired by Shetland

IMG_0818 IMG_0823IMG_0025

Before I hit the ski slopes I have time to knit some more, at the moment on my needles a fisherman’s sweater for Daniel

Stay warm

chars salüds


Shetland Wool Week 2015


It was a week full of color and beauty. Lots of workshops about knitting and meeting my friends. It was a wonderful week in beautiful Shetland

There was an official opening ceremony for the wool week  where we had the fiddlers  and which Claire presented wearing her christening stola knitted by her motherP1070950





A view from my room


I shared a house with Ruth from Rhode Island (not from New Jersey), Marianne from Holland, Jeanne from Chicago, Janis from Connecticut and Claire from England here toasting for Ella


we learned a lot from very experienced Shetland knitters and it was fun!P1070967P1070913P1070904P1080058P1080224P1080235P1070818P1070877I miss Shetland, and my knitting friends but I will meet some of them in Edinburgh next March so I am happily looking forward to next vacation together! Take care all of you

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For the hot and cold summer


I wanted to knit something for really hot summer, so I ordered 100 % organic linen yarn . It is rather difficult to knit since there is no stretch to the yarn and it shows every mistake you make but I just love the feel of linen and it’s coolness when it is hot.P1060318 P1060317 P1060307P1060304

Unfortunately we have had very few warm days so far. Hot? None.

But us knitters won’t freeze! I finally finished my blue fair isle sweater. After two years planning, trying out different color (always blues) combinations, calculating stitches and ribbing out numerous times it is finally finished:IMG_0725P1060228P1060235P1060232IMG_0723

P1060238IMG_0722won’t freezy, no. Not me. I hope you neither, have a nice, warm summer

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I think choosing the colors is the most fun part in knitting. I just love to play around with the different color combinations and try out whatever. I used to knit everything in blue or gray shades but I have learned to add more colors to my range.

Here the latest finished works. As you see, most of the time the inspiration comes from the nature around me.

The spring is not quite yet here but I am looking forward to the  flowers on the fields and the richness of the colors.

I wish you a colorful week

chars salüds


Edinburgh Yarn Festival


it was a quick trip to Edinburgh over the last weekend. But I hardly saw anything of the City, instead I saw my friends at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival!





At the sight of so much yarn our hearts started to beat faster …

P1050132 P1050133 P1050134


In every corner you saw people knitting, what a lovely scene


Saturday evening was reserved for a woolly program, a ca-baa-ret with Felicity Ford


and what does one do at the girls night out? Knit of course!


On Sunday evening it was time for our own cabaret. It was our last evening together but we all will meet in Shetland this fall, what a comfort!

P1050170P1050173P1050186wish you all woolly, warm week

chars salüds


Fair Isle knitting


I love color and I love to knit color work. Fair Isle knitting is just it, color work knitting. Last October I was able to go to Shetland and learned some more about Fair Isle knitting. So since then I have been knitting Daniel a sweater with Jamieson and Smith’s natural colors, not dyed, just straight from the sheep, so to say.


the real knitter’s tell, the back side of your knitting should look good as well, so here we go, not bad, ha


and then it was ready!


we had to go outside and test the warmth of it too, Daniel did not freeze 🙂P1040739P1040738chars salüds from one happy knitter





There has been many cold winter evenings spent wisely with knitting 🙂P1040390 P1040391 P1040392

very long time I just looked at this pattern and thought it is far too difficult to knit until I decided to have a go. And it was not difficult at all, it only looks bit complicated but was actually easy and fun to knit.



before I left to Finland I felt like knitting something really nordic. What is more nordic than reindeers? Although Daniel pointed out that some of my reindeers look more like hippopotamus…

P1040647 P1040648

then I wanted to make a cardigan I saw in Internet but obviously  I picked wrong kind of yarn. It just fell apart and was twice the size I had wanted it to be. I was rather disappointed until my friend Taina asked me:” what is more important for you, to choose the colors, feel the wool and  be excited about a new project or the end result?”

I felt good again immediately!

P1040656P1040654P1040653At the moment I have seven other projects going on and I am having lots of fun

hope you too !

chars salüds



Winter Knits


The evenings are dark and cold now, perfect to stay inside and to do some crafts.

I had dyed the yarn for this shawl in Shetland and I finally finished the shawl, It is the first one I ever made and I have to say it was fun to doP1030456

So I knitted one moreP1030773P1030776

A cardigan for Beatrice is finished as well and she told me it fits!

Something fluffy and easy for winter.


This is the best part: I have a new helper, Daniel is extremely supportive in my knitting habit and he has ordered me all sorts of gadgets for winding the wool and I think he is enjoying it as well with best results, as you can see


so I am planning as a thank you, a Fair Isle jumper for Daniel. Perhaps in these natural colors, what do you think?


Happy crafting to you too!

Chars salüds


Christmas wreath

Buna Saira,

First advent and I am only starting to make decorations! Quick, quick I gathered my stash of wool, picked the greens and reds and here we go:
P1030808 P1030814 P1030822 P1030826 P1030836 Lucky me, I had this book of how to crochet flowers and they even had the christmas star in itP1030860 P1030862P1030827P1030838P1030856P1030858Have a nice advents time

Chars Salüds