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Allegra was the last ( and the only word he was able to say) word Bruno said to me as I visited him in the hospital after his Stroke.

Bruno is, was my father-in-law, who died a week before Christmas.  he was a kind man always in a good mood and he was the most keen person to read my blog. Every time I had written something I got a mail next day with his comments and thanks to keep him posted  of what is going on here in the mountains.

We all really miss him so much.IMG_0299

We spent the Christmas together and there was not a day we did not think about or talked about Bruno. It did us all good.IMG_0226IMG_0224IMG_0211

I wish you all Bun On – happy New Year, you too Bruno, where ever you watch us. IMG_0280Chars salüds


It’s all about Ella Jill


My lovely daughter Natasha became a mama, and I am Nonna now!! I am over the moon , happy and just happy again, and again

Lovely Ella Jill

P1070696 P1070703 P1070708 P1070726 P1070710

Auntie Anastasia with Ella


Don’t you agree, she is the most beautiful little baby (poppa as we say here in vallader) in the world!


back to Switzerland, where we had quite a lot of snow during the last  two days.
P1070758I so miss Ella

chars salüds


Vacation in Finland


First we moved to our new not quite finished house and then we left for the vacation. We left everything unpacked and just took off towards Finland.
P1070068 P1070081

Anton and Oskar came with usP1070167P1070460

We enjoyed the finish natureP1070187P1070212


life on the island

Anton and Oskar enjoyed their friend Elli P1070257

new and old finish architecture, church in Helsinki


staircase in Design Museum in HelsinkiP1070473

and everybody loves ice-creamP1070491

the marketP1070461P1070465P1070485It was good to see so many friends and family. Big thank you and hugs for all of you who gave us bed and food and good company.

Miss you

chars salüds


The weekends



most of the time our  weekends have three components

1. Hiking

although it is hot in these altitudes too, we try to do some hiking. Like once again Muottas MuraglP1060504 P1060513 P1060509 P1060522 P1060526 P1060525and this Sunday we hiked through Bergell, from Casaccia to Soglio

P1060654 P1060684 P1060669 P1060711 P1060672 P1060700 P1060697

2. Friends and Family

Eat good food in good company, all I need! (the food comes naturally with good wine)

P1060257 P1060278 P1060617

3. PackingP1060604


yes, the moving day is getting closer … I have been packing for ages and there are  heaps left to do but soon, very soon we have a new home.

Bainvgnü e chars salüds





Lago di Garda



A brake so relaxing in such  beautiful surroundings did all us wonders. I have a very soft spot for Italy ( not though for their politics ). I can’t help but LOVE their food, wine and gelato, so we enjoyed all of that:

P1050973P1050975 P1050980 P1050997P1050873P1050912P1050982P1050923P1060063P1050921P1060006P1060009P1060049P1060032P1060070and as we arrived home the spring had come back!P1060075Bella fin d’eivna, have a nice weekend

chars salüds



Easter in Holland


Easter is our family meeting time and as always we drove to Holland and to see our children and their partners.

P1050281 P1050286

P1050349 P1050287

The weather was not so good but we enjoyed the day at the beach none the less




especially Anton and Oskar. I think they felt like being in paradise, meeting lots of other dogs, running around and playing together


P1050314 P1050331

Like every year, a good meal in a restaurant

P1050341 P1050363buy buy all our dears, see you soon again! A revair!

Chars salüds



Edinburgh Yarn Festival


it was a quick trip to Edinburgh over the last weekend. But I hardly saw anything of the City, instead I saw my friends at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival!





At the sight of so much yarn our hearts started to beat faster …

P1050132 P1050133 P1050134


In every corner you saw people knitting, what a lovely scene


Saturday evening was reserved for a woolly program, a ca-baa-ret with Felicity Ford


and what does one do at the girls night out? Knit of course!


On Sunday evening it was time for our own cabaret. It was our last evening together but we all will meet in Shetland this fall, what a comfort!

P1050170P1050173P1050186wish you all woolly, warm week

chars salüds




Chalandamarz was celebrated yesterday in Scuol.  Chalandamarz is when children ring their cowbells to drive the winter and coldness away. The children also sing Chalandamarz songs to welcome the spring. Here some impressions


Our senior care center offers hot chocolate and sandwiches for the kids.  Our senior citizens can be part of the community and the kids just love Charlie’s (our cook) hot chocolate! Me too.P1040886P1040903P1040900P1040896Chars salüds



home and away part 2


A quick visit to the finnish winter, a dark winter as it is in January. The daylight was just a short period of the day but the winter days were even in -20°C beautiful.


during the breakfast we could watch the nature documentary live outside the kitchen window


I loved the Jyväskylä airport’s crafts


and indeed, the sun showed itself


back in Switzerland it is all about sunny winter days



and my latest wreath – a winter wreath

P1040404P1040405have a nice week

chars salüds


Bellas festas

Bellas Festas!

Christmas is here and our village is decoratedP1040064P1030995P1030987P1040038


This scissor-cut picture is projected on a outside wall of a building. I think it is amazing!P1040050

The school kids created the Christmas story at their classroom windows P1030963P1030965


and some Christmas decoration from inside P1040176P1040174P1040162Bellas Festas da Nadal ed ün bun on nouv!

Oskar, Anton, Daniel and Päppä