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Although we  hardly have any snow, we are in Christmas spirits. My favorite Christmas market is in Glurns. Glurns is a tiny medieval mountain town in Italy, just by the swiss boarder and they have a Christmas market where you find all handmade articles.
P1030946 P1030954 P1030959 P1030957

the material used in crafts is often from the natureP1080806 P1080807 P1080808 P1080809 P1080810 P1080811

Aren’t they beautiful? Another great thing at this market is music; there are many small music groups wandering around the market and you hear all sorts of music playedP1080814

Of course all to eat and drink is self-madeP1080816 P1080817 P1080824Bellas Festas!

Chars salüds


Fall colors


This time of the year is spent outside. We have had the most beautiful colorful season, lovely hikes with our visitors and walks with Anton and Oskar.P1080284 P1080297 P1080294 P1080384 P1080387 P1080519 P1080511 P1080601 P1080623 P1080391 P1080604 P1080669 P1080662

It also has snowed, the mountain tops are white and the lark trees are slowly loosing their needles, time to light the candles


Colorful days to you all



New Home


the  restoration and renovation of our new home took over an year. We waited and waited and I have to admit I am extremely happy the waiting time is over.

My anticipation of a new home was high and I am not disappointed.

But the big surprise was to discover my new way to work and back. I kind of never gave it a thought, it was always about the house. Until I walked home for the first time. See the pictures and I am sure you understand what I meanP1060957 IMG_0753 P1060960 P1070046 P1060962 P1070022 P1060968 P1060971 P1060969 P1060978P1070614P1070652P1070654

and the walk home after the first snow on the mountain tops

P1070613P1070609I just love it!

I drive to work every morning and Daniel walks down to Scuol with Anton and Oskar. After day’s work we swap, he drives home and I walk with the dogs. I think this is the happiest part of all moving and having a new home, the walk home in this beautiful scenery.

I wish you a nice week

chars salüds


The weekends



most of the time our  weekends have three components

1. Hiking

although it is hot in these altitudes too, we try to do some hiking. Like once again Muottas MuraglP1060504 P1060513 P1060509 P1060522 P1060526 P1060525and this Sunday we hiked through Bergell, from Casaccia to Soglio

P1060654 P1060684 P1060669 P1060711 P1060672 P1060700 P1060697

2. Friends and Family

Eat good food in good company, all I need! (the food comes naturally with good wine)

P1060257 P1060278 P1060617

3. PackingP1060604


yes, the moving day is getting closer … I have been packing for ages and there are  heaps left to do but soon, very soon we have a new home.

Bainvgnü e chars salüds








This week it snowed almost two days non-stop. I love snow in winter but in spring …

It can snow any month of the year in the mountains. We have hiked in snowstorm in July and snow in June happens every now and then but I have to admit it is frustrating. Just when the first field flowers started to decorate all the fields,  the snow came.
P1050831P1050853 P1050852 P1050850P1050839 P1050833 IMG_0704 P1050868


I always have one pair of winter boots, winter jacket, mittens and a hat around, no matter which month it is and lucky me since it is also really cold again.

But now we are packing some summer clothes and head to Italy!



What a day!



I hope where ever you are, that you had a lovely weekend. Here in the mountains the spring has just arrived and we just had to get out early in the morning to enjoy the beauty around usP1050730 P1050754 P1050737 P1050732 P1050760 P1050752 P1050742 P1050751 P1050739 P1050747IMG_0259I wish you a nice start to the new week

chars salüds



Staff Day Out


It was absolutely a perfect winter day for our staff day out. We had chosen Motta Naluns as a place to be, since you can do all sorts of winter sports there. We were about thirty of us and the most went skiing, some walking and some sledging.P1040834P1040916P1050053

We all met for lunch again and enjoyed the food, the weather, the scenery and being together

P1050009 P1050018 P1050016

almost all of us

P1050033Our ski-ass from South Tyrol, SabineP1050042 P1050040

Helen, an assistant nurse, world champion in Slalom and Downhill from the seventies and still a devil on the slopes!

P1050037 P1050044

Sandra, Juliana, Helen, Daniele, Jana, Karl-Heinz, Eva, Arno and Sabine

P1050047 P1050061


In the end of the day Charlie, our cook, had organized a small Apéro for us at the Station of Motta NalunsP1050065


P1050076 P1050077

and then there was the Aprés-Ski in Mar Motta…

P1050080 P1040915It was such a fun day, next year definitely again!

Chars salüds




Chalandamarz was celebrated yesterday in Scuol.  Chalandamarz is when children ring their cowbells to drive the winter and coldness away. The children also sing Chalandamarz songs to welcome the spring. Here some impressions


Our senior care center offers hot chocolate and sandwiches for the kids.  Our senior citizens can be part of the community and the kids just love Charlie’s (our cook) hot chocolate! Me too.P1040886P1040903P1040900P1040896Chars salüds



Winter sports


We have had many picture perfect winter days this winter.  In our valley, Engadin, you can do all winter sports you ever desire to do.  We have been enjoying the possibilities every weekend and as always the pictures’ll tell you more


all the winter hiking trails are marked with pink signs


Village Ftan


The brush is of course to clean the bench in case there is any snow on itP1040591

or perhaps you want to sit down in one of the many mountain restaurants. My favorite is Prui, at walking distance from home




Back in our  home village there is a small ski slope for kids P1040760

On the right the house where we liveP104076292dd989b1c59f0b7a7dba1f5d0baf544yes!

chars salüds

from winter wonderland



Sils Maria

Bun On!

I wish you all the sunshine and happiness for this year! We started the year being awake which suprised even our children since some of them called around ten in the evening in case we’ll go to bed…

Next day it was cross-country skiing in Sils Maria. As you see we don’t have that much snow but I was able to do some rounds, Anton and Oskar run around happily and we all just enjoyed the beautiful day. P1040225 P1040227 P1040233 P1040234 P1040235 P1040236 P1040237 P1040240 P1040243 P1040245Have a grand start for the week and the year!

chars salüds