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Shetland Wool Week 2015


It was a week full of color and beauty. Lots of workshops about knitting and meeting my friends. It was a wonderful week in beautiful Shetland

There was an official opening ceremony for the wool week  where we had the fiddlers  and which Claire presented wearing her christening stola knitted by her motherP1070950





A view from my room


I shared a house with Ruth from Rhode Island (not from New Jersey), Marianne from Holland, Jeanne from Chicago, Janis from Connecticut and Claire from England here toasting for Ella


we learned a lot from very experienced Shetland knitters and it was fun!P1070967P1070913P1070904P1080058P1080224P1080235P1070818P1070877I miss Shetland, and my knitting friends but I will meet some of them in Edinburgh next March so I am happily looking forward to next vacation together! Take care all of you

chars salüds


Vacation in Finland


First we moved to our new not quite finished house and then we left for the vacation. We left everything unpacked and just took off towards Finland.
P1070068 P1070081

Anton and Oskar came with usP1070167P1070460

We enjoyed the finish natureP1070187P1070212


life on the island

Anton and Oskar enjoyed their friend Elli P1070257

new and old finish architecture, church in Helsinki


staircase in Design Museum in HelsinkiP1070473

and everybody loves ice-creamP1070491

the marketP1070461P1070465P1070485It was good to see so many friends and family. Big thank you and hugs for all of you who gave us bed and food and good company.

Miss you

chars salüds


Lago di Garda



A brake so relaxing in such  beautiful surroundings did all us wonders. I have a very soft spot for Italy ( not though for their politics ). I can’t help but LOVE their food, wine and gelato, so we enjoyed all of that:

P1050973P1050975 P1050980 P1050997P1050873P1050912P1050982P1050923P1060063P1050921P1060006P1060009P1060049P1060032P1060070and as we arrived home the spring had come back!P1060075Bella fin d’eivna, have a nice weekend

chars salüds



Edinburgh Yarn Festival


it was a quick trip to Edinburgh over the last weekend. But I hardly saw anything of the City, instead I saw my friends at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival!





At the sight of so much yarn our hearts started to beat faster …

P1050132 P1050133 P1050134


In every corner you saw people knitting, what a lovely scene


Saturday evening was reserved for a woolly program, a ca-baa-ret with Felicity Ford


and what does one do at the girls night out? Knit of course!


On Sunday evening it was time for our own cabaret. It was our last evening together but we all will meet in Shetland this fall, what a comfort!

P1050170P1050173P1050186wish you all woolly, warm week

chars salüds


home and away part 2


A quick visit to the finnish winter, a dark winter as it is in January. The daylight was just a short period of the day but the winter days were even in -20°C beautiful.


during the breakfast we could watch the nature documentary live outside the kitchen window


I loved the Jyväskylä airport’s crafts


and indeed, the sun showed itself


back in Switzerland it is all about sunny winter days



and my latest wreath – a winter wreath

P1040404P1040405have a nice week

chars salüds


Home and away


The weather at home is not exactly lifting the spirits

P1040383 P1040375but we thought to seek our luck just on the other side of the border…

in Innsbruck and voilà sunny warm day!


Saw lots of sites, here for example the house where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart lived inP1040327 P1040328

and the Golden DachlP1040329 P1040330 P1040331 P1040332 P1040336 P1040338

ah, the austrians…P1040346 P1040347 P1040351 P1040352 P1040355 P1040358 P1040359 P1040366It was  a nice day-trip enjoying  +20 °C weather in January!

Chars salüds



Hello dears,

It is couple of years since last time we were in London. I had the feeling they had built completely new parts of the city and definitely were still building. We had a family gathering there and discovered lots of new and old together.P1030230 P1030232 P1030239 P1030241 P1030244 P1030246 P1030256 P1030263 P1030269 P1030271 Ready for a new adventure, which was the London Eye. I was ever so fascinated about it and the engineering of it!P1030276 P1030291 P1030298 P1030313 P1030319 P1030320 P1030340 P1030352 P1030358 P1030363 P1030371 P1030376 P1030380 P1030397…and I have to show you some photos of our strange dark hotel. The hallways were dark dark dark, we did not quite get it…P1030408 P1030433 P1030442Thanks Liam, Anastasia, Kasper, Henri and Daniel for a grand weekend!




Shetland Islands

Dear Friends,

I was lucky to have vacation in Burrastow house during the Shetland Wool Week with ten knitting interested women from USA, Canada, England and Holland. Gudrun Johnston and Mary-Jane Mucklestone (both sooo unbeleavable great designers)  organized the week with ever so varying program. Here a small collection of the week:P1000252P1000236P1000214 P1000256 P1000262 Hazel Tindall, a master of Fair Isle Knitting showed us her work!P1000294 GudrunP1000307 P1000333 P1000335 P1000340 P1000389 P1000392 P1000394 P1000421 P1000425 Burrastow House in the eveningP1000470 P1000479 P1000487 P1000522 We learned to dye yarn!P1000529 P1000531 P1000534 The woolman, Oliver from Jamieson and SmithP1000631 P1000635 P1000667 P1000670 Tour in the Jamieson’s Wool Mill P1000681 P1000689 I started to find color combinations for a sweater everywhereP1000691 P1000697 P1000706 P1000717 My new friends, Brenda, Marianne and Holly 🙂P1000727 P1000738 P1000741 P1000748 P1000758 P1000762 P1000768 P1000775 P1000794 Did you ever see the movie Waking Ned? P1000804 P1000827 Driving back homeP1000843I say thank you for all those great women and Pierre (our fantastic cook) who made my vacation unforgettable.

Lake of Zürich

Bun di,

early Sunday morning we enjoyed a walk by the Lake of Zürich.
IMG_0675IMG_0676 IMG_0685IMG_0688 IMG_0689 IMG_0692 IMG_0694 IMG_0703 IMG_0683I could have sat there and watch the sun rise all day but we had a busy schedule visiting family and friends which was as nice as the sunrise.

You realize, we had a sunny day!! Is the summer finally arriving?

I wish you too a sunny week

chars salüds



There is nothing like finnish summer; the birch trees, light nights, all those lakes and of course  family and friends! We had such a good week in Finland.

Suolahti, my hometown


The following pictures are from a highway restaurant stop around midnight


and then Olivia had a birthday party


Olivia, 6 years


Anastasia, Olivia, Katja, Kaija, Valtteri, Aila, Piia, Elma and Elvi


three generations Karvinen women (very serious matter as you see)


a real beauty, Elli


Taina and Anastasia making Karjalanpiirakka



and they were good, those Piirakka!