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Building site


since February the renovations has been going on in our house. We restore as much as possible. Some parts of the house just brake down when you touch them,  they are in so bad condition. But it is slowly starting to take shape.

P1050636 P1050641 P1040514 P1020742 P1050650

Actually we did not want to have a new ceiling to save the costs but the old one just fell down. And we are more than happy now because we decided not to replace it, instead we lift up the ceiling  and so we got the clover-windows for the rooms instead of them being in the attic.

P1040798 P1040805 P1040801 P1050646 P1050648 P1050656

way to go…but feeling confident that everything will be okay

enjoy the spring

chars salüds



At work


as you might know, Daniel and I work at a senior care center with 68 elderly people living there in need for care. We have about 85 people in staff and it was a month ago we had Noro-Virus at work. About a half of the inhabitants and half of the staff got infected.

The staff (those who were not ill) worked almost two weeks without a brake and really long hours in rather hard conditions wearing protecting clothing (it is hot to work wearing them!), having to obey strict hygienic rules and having loads of extra work.

P1050202 P1050212 P1050207 P1050208 P1050222 P1050225

But we won, after two weeks it was all over and we could get back to normal again


It was time to say thank you for all our staff for their hard and extremely good work. We went out for a dinner and had a real party with DJ BlackieP1050411P1050413P1050438

and boy did we dance!



P1050447P1050432P1050457the time of Noro-Virus was hard but it was a good experience, we learned a lot and it brought us closer, it was us all together which made the difference and we were able to beat the virus  just in two weeks. I am so happy I am allowed to work with this team.

Grazcha fich tuots insembel!

chars salüds


Big Derby, Big Game


On Saturday evening was the big ice-hockey derby SCUOL vs. ST. MORITZ.We were all there  ( also some seniors from our senior care center D’mura attempts Chasa Puntota ) but it did not help,   St Moritz won. But it was a good derby and we had good time all together.

P1030584P1030583P1030586P1030590P1030595 Next day we drove over Flüelapass to Davos and saw HC Davos against ZSC Lions, a National Hockey League game. We lost again but we saw really good hockey and we will win next time! 🙂P1030654P1030655P1030656P1030661P1030663P1030668P1030675P1030680


I hope you win too!

Sta bain


Büvetta Tarasp

There are around 20 springs in Scuol and Tarasp along the Inn river.  The area was known since roman times for the high mineral content in the water. These are not hot springs, but they are acidic and are therefore used for drinking cures and mineral baths. In the 16. century Paracelsus made the region known all over Europe and from the late 19. century on a more luxurious tourism started. After Word War II drinking cures became less important, and today it’s more a normal holday area.

There are still some of the old hotels and relics standing around, like the Scuol Palace and the Büvetta Tarasp. For the latter an association was build and they try to save and renovate it. More here…