Although we  hardly have any snow, we are in Christmas spirits. My favorite Christmas market is in Glurns. Glurns is a tiny medieval mountain town in Italy, just by the swiss boarder and they have a Christmas market where you find all handmade articles.
P1030946 P1030954 P1030959 P1030957

the material used in crafts is often from the natureP1080806 P1080807 P1080808 P1080809 P1080810 P1080811

Aren’t they beautiful? Another great thing at this market is music; there are many small music groups wandering around the market and you hear all sorts of music playedP1080814

Of course all to eat and drink is self-madeP1080816 P1080817 P1080824Bellas Festas!

Chars salüds


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