Groningen, Holland

Easter is always family time for us. We headed to Groningen, where we all got together and had just grand timeP1000725 P1000732 P1000738 P1000742 P1000743 P1000753 P1000754

FlowermarketP1000772 P1000774

I ride my bicycle…


like the part of the children
P1000779 P1000812 P1000822 P1000824 P1000828

Enjoying life!P1000836 P1000837 P1000850

Dinner at Kaap HornP1000870 P1000878Back to Switzerland

Love Päppä, who’s average speed on german Autobahn  is 160 km/h

2 thoughts on “Groningen, Holland”

    1. Dear Anastasia,
      thank you for everything, it was such a nice weekend. You are a excellent host!! Yes we continue having good time in Helsinki!
      Luv Mama

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