It is farewell time. My very last weeks in Bernese Oberland are nearing and I say goodbye to all those lovely people I got to know here. And I say goodbye to Niesen.  Niesen is “my” mountain, I see it from my office window, I see it all the way from home to work, I see it from the other side of Thunersee and I see it from  home.

I have hiked up there numerous times. I love this mountain, with it’s 2362 meters or all those 1669 hight meters one hikes up from Mülenen. Every time I have been up there, I have been happy.

I tried to collect some photos of Niesen and it was just too difficult, I could post hundreds of them and they are my all my favorites so here just a random selection. I love Niesen.IMG_3986 IMG_3981

IMG_3794 IMG_3727

I even once tried to bake a “Niesen”-Cake. I know it does not really look similar but at least it was eatable.IMG_3614 IMG_3487 IMG_3152

the view from NiesenIMG_3053 IMG_2397 IMG_2382 IMG_2306 IMG_2156 IMG_2145 IMG_2133 IMG_1900 IMG_1863 IMG_1837 IMG_1832 IMG_1826 IMG_0971 IMG_0963 IMG_0891 IMG_0110 IMG_0221 IMG_0264 IMG_0350 IMG_0356 IMG_0455 IMG_0458 IMG_0513 IMG_0572 IMG_0590 IMG_0594I will miss Niesen and you all

Chars Salüds


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