For the hot and cold summer


I wanted to knit something for really hot summer, so I ordered 100 % organic linen yarn . It is rather difficult to knit since there is no stretch to the yarn and it shows every mistake you make but I just love the feel of linen and it’s coolness when it is hot.P1060318 P1060317 P1060307P1060304

Unfortunately we have had very few warm days so far. Hot? None.

But us knitters won’t freeze! I finally finished my blue fair isle sweater. After two years planning, trying out different color (always blues) combinations, calculating stitches and ribbing out numerous times it is finally finished:IMG_0725P1060228P1060235P1060232IMG_0723

P1060238IMG_0722won’t freezy, no. Not me. I hope you neither, have a nice, warm summer

Chars salüds


Lago di Garda



A brake so relaxing in such  beautiful surroundings did all us wonders. I have a very soft spot for Italy ( not though for their politics ). I can’t help but LOVE their food, wine and gelato, so we enjoyed all of that:

P1050973P1050975 P1050980 P1050997P1050873P1050912P1050982P1050923P1060063P1050921P1060006P1060009P1060049P1060032P1060070and as we arrived home the spring had come back!P1060075Bella fin d’eivna, have a nice weekend

chars salüds






This week it snowed almost two days non-stop. I love snow in winter but in spring …

It can snow any month of the year in the mountains. We have hiked in snowstorm in July and snow in June happens every now and then but I have to admit it is frustrating. Just when the first field flowers started to decorate all the fields,  the snow came.
P1050831P1050853 P1050852 P1050850P1050839 P1050833 IMG_0704 P1050868


I always have one pair of winter boots, winter jacket, mittens and a hat around, no matter which month it is and lucky me since it is also really cold again.

But now we are packing some summer clothes and head to Italy!



What a day!



I hope where ever you are, that you had a lovely weekend. Here in the mountains the spring has just arrived and we just had to get out early in the morning to enjoy the beauty around usP1050730 P1050754 P1050737 P1050732 P1050760 P1050752 P1050742 P1050751 P1050739 P1050747IMG_0259I wish you a nice start to the new week

chars salüds



Building site


since February the renovations has been going on in our house. We restore as much as possible. Some parts of the house just brake down when you touch them,  they are in so bad condition. But it is slowly starting to take shape.

P1050636 P1050641 P1040514 P1020742 P1050650

Actually we did not want to have a new ceiling to save the costs but the old one just fell down. And we are more than happy now because we decided not to replace it, instead we lift up the ceiling  and so we got the clover-windows for the rooms instead of them being in the attic.

P1040798 P1040805 P1040801 P1050646 P1050648 P1050656

way to go…but feeling confident that everything will be okay

enjoy the spring

chars salüds





I think choosing the colors is the most fun part in knitting. I just love to play around with the different color combinations and try out whatever. I used to knit everything in blue or gray shades but I have learned to add more colors to my range.

Here the latest finished works. As you see, most of the time the inspiration comes from the nature around me.

The spring is not quite yet here but I am looking forward to the  flowers on the fields and the richness of the colors.

I wish you a colorful week

chars salüds


At work


as you might know, Daniel and I work at a senior care center with 68 elderly people living there in need for care. We have about 85 people in staff and it was a month ago we had Noro-Virus at work. About a half of the inhabitants and half of the staff got infected.

The staff (those who were not ill) worked almost two weeks without a brake and really long hours in rather hard conditions wearing protecting clothing (it is hot to work wearing them!), having to obey strict hygienic rules and having loads of extra work.

P1050202 P1050212 P1050207 P1050208 P1050222 P1050225

But we won, after two weeks it was all over and we could get back to normal again


It was time to say thank you for all our staff for their hard and extremely good work. We went out for a dinner and had a real party with DJ BlackieP1050411P1050413P1050438

and boy did we dance!



P1050447P1050432P1050457the time of Noro-Virus was hard but it was a good experience, we learned a lot and it brought us closer, it was us all together which made the difference and we were able to beat the virus  just in two weeks. I am so happy I am allowed to work with this team.

Grazcha fich tuots insembel!

chars salüds


Easter in Holland


Easter is our family meeting time and as always we drove to Holland and to see our children and their partners.

P1050281 P1050286

P1050349 P1050287

The weather was not so good but we enjoyed the day at the beach none the less




especially Anton and Oskar. I think they felt like being in paradise, meeting lots of other dogs, running around and playing together


P1050314 P1050331

Like every year, a good meal in a restaurant

P1050341 P1050363buy buy all our dears, see you soon again! A revair!

Chars salüds



Edinburgh Yarn Festival


it was a quick trip to Edinburgh over the last weekend. But I hardly saw anything of the City, instead I saw my friends at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival!





At the sight of so much yarn our hearts started to beat faster …

P1050132 P1050133 P1050134


In every corner you saw people knitting, what a lovely scene


Saturday evening was reserved for a woolly program, a ca-baa-ret with Felicity Ford


and what does one do at the girls night out? Knit of course!


On Sunday evening it was time for our own cabaret. It was our last evening together but we all will meet in Shetland this fall, what a comfort!

P1050170P1050173P1050186wish you all woolly, warm week

chars salüds


Staff Day Out


It was absolutely a perfect winter day for our staff day out. We had chosen Motta Naluns as a place to be, since you can do all sorts of winter sports there. We were about thirty of us and the most went skiing, some walking and some sledging.P1040834P1040916P1050053

We all met for lunch again and enjoyed the food, the weather, the scenery and being together

P1050009 P1050018 P1050016

almost all of us

P1050033Our ski-ass from South Tyrol, SabineP1050042 P1050040

Helen, an assistant nurse, world champion in Slalom and Downhill from the seventies and still a devil on the slopes!

P1050037 P1050044

Sandra, Juliana, Helen, Daniele, Jana, Karl-Heinz, Eva, Arno and Sabine

P1050047 P1050061


In the end of the day Charlie, our cook, had organized a small Apéro for us at the Station of Motta NalunsP1050065


P1050076 P1050077

and then there was the Aprés-Ski in Mar Motta…

P1050080 P1040915It was such a fun day, next year definitely again!

Chars salüds