Shetland Wool Week 2015


It was a week full of color and beauty. Lots of workshops about knitting and meeting my friends. It was a wonderful week in beautiful Shetland

There was an official opening ceremony for the wool week  where we had the fiddlers  and which Claire presented wearing her christening stola knitted by her motherP1070950





A view from my room


I shared a house with Ruth from Rhode Island (not from New Jersey), Marianne from Holland, Jeanne from Chicago, Janis from Connecticut and Claire from England here toasting for Ella


we learned a lot from very experienced Shetland knitters and it was fun!P1070967P1070913P1070904P1080058P1080224P1080235P1070818P1070877I miss Shetland, and my knitting friends but I will meet some of them in Edinburgh next March so I am happily looking forward to next vacation together! Take care all of you

chars salüds


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