The weekends



most of the time our  weekends have three components

1. Hiking

although it is hot in these altitudes too, we try to do some hiking. Like once again Muottas MuraglP1060504 P1060513 P1060509 P1060522 P1060526 P1060525and this Sunday we hiked through Bergell, from Casaccia to Soglio

P1060654 P1060684 P1060669 P1060711 P1060672 P1060700 P1060697

2. Friends and Family

Eat good food in good company, all I need! (the food comes naturally with good wine)

P1060257 P1060278 P1060617

3. PackingP1060604


yes, the moving day is getting closer … I have been packing for ages and there are  heaps left to do but soon, very soon we have a new home.

Bainvgnü e chars salüds





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